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The Beta version of will be launched on Android

The Facebook company has recently launched its, the online gaming hub like Twitch. The purpose of this feature is to attract gamers to watching interesting videos on Facebook but not on other websites. It shows videos based on user preferences, pages they follow, videos and groups they like. Read more

No Minecraft for Apple TV players

Most of the people know Minecraft even if they are not gamers. This game lets you build anything from small bricks and it is considered a phenomenon in the world of gaming. However, users of Apple TV will not be able to download it or update from the official market soon. Read more

What’s New in Razer Phone 2

The second version of the Razer Phone device for gamers is officially announced. There are many small changes and upgrades over the first version of this device. Read more

The Cheap Razer Blade Gaming Laptop

Many customers like the Razer Blade series of laptops but they consider it too expensive. That is why this company decided to produce the cheaper version of their laptops for gamers. This device has a 15-inch screen and you can buy it right now. Read more

Now You Are Able to Change Your PSN Name

Earlier, PlayStation users were not able to change their names in the system. Many of them didn’t complain much about it, but some users insisted on their rights for it. Now, Sony is working on the user’s ability to change their names and trialing this feature. Read more

Almost 1 billion of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies stolen this year

Many crypto-enthusiasts say that cryptocurrency wallets are the safest way to store their money and a secure type of investment. However, money from such wallets can be stolen and you would not be able to call the police or track people who stole it. Read more