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Pelagic sharks protection as a priority

According to the latest data, it turned out that sharks that live in the open ocean are forced to share their territories with fishermen and die at their hands. Read more

The Division 2 acquires a machine-gunner

The Division 2 has been updated. As a result, the game offers a new class of warriors. The Machine Gunner comes to the game, joining the specializations Accurate Shooter, Shot-Firer, and Survival Expert. The specialization will also open access to a new branch of skills, weapons, and gadgets. Read more

Top 10 Advantages of NordVPN for Any Business

A Virtual Private Network is a wonderful invention that doesn’t only help users from all across the globe stay anonymous but is very helpful for businesses. There are lots of providers that always compete for being the best on the market. However, so far, NordVPN offers the best solutions for business purposes. Let’s discuss its top advantages that are sure to make you consider choosing this provider. Read more

Paper crypto wallets

As mentioned earlier, cryptocurrency wallets are a set of digital keys linked together. Everything else is just a convenient user interface. The easiest way to create a crypto wallet is to generate a public and private key, and then write them on paper. To do this, just visit one of the special services, which will generate a couple of keys, prepare them for printing, and then delete the data about them. For convenience, the services also offer registration of addresses in QR codes. Read more

Gambling sector: never-ending tech triumph

There’s no doubt today’s online gambling joints left behind their offline ancestors long ago in many regards. It’s because they’re champions in adopting cutting-edge technologies that really make a big difference when it comes to gambling. Let’s view what happened to the gambling industry as soon as it nearly all moved to the Internet.  Read more

Fire OS tablets for 2019: Best gadgets

Still hesitate, whether you should try Amazon’s tablets? What are the best tablets, provided by Fire OS for 2019? Find a list of extremely affordable tablets below. Read more

The Peculiarities of Trading Cryptocurrencies with Coinology

There are lots of platforms that now support trading cryptocurrencies. When choosing the one, you should definitely find out if they trade the ones you are interested in beforehand. It’s a very alluring opportunity and many professional traders turn to it. This is a wonderful chance to reach most financial goals and become a success in the industry. Let’s find out the main peculiarities of working with Coinology and how the website can help you profit. Read more

Top 5 Technologies That Will Change Online Gambling as It Is

The latest innovations make us wonder what else we are capable of. The virtual and augmented reality, blockchain, face, gesture ID, etc. change the world as we see it every day. Read more

AirPower From Apple is said to overheat dramatically

AirPower – a wireless charging pad was announced more than a year ago, at the very same time when the iPhone X was advertised. It was supposed to become the first wireless charger produced by the company, and it was meant to be able to charge all the Apple devices at the same time. However, as a result, shows the Apple company bit more than they could chew. Read more

Online casino security and advanced technology

Nowadays, people can play favorite casino games over the Internet, thanks to innovative technology, such as live streaming. It’s designed to bridge a gap between a virtual experience and a real-life one. It’s something that players couldn’t imagine in the past. Read more