How to Improve your Windows 10 Performance

The Windows 10 is already optimized for the high performance and fast speed of actions. However, it is recommended to optimize it more to get the best from your operating system. There are several things that you should do in order to improve the performance.

Clean out Your Hard Drive. Programs generate a lot of files that become unnecessary but still use the space on your drives. To clean these files, go to the Settings, open the System section, and click Storage. There you need to turn the Storage Sense on. You can also customize the settings of this feature, select how often it should clean out your hard drive and what information it is allowed to clean.

Disable Visual Effects. They make your system look well but they also reduce your performance. If the speed of your system is more significant for you than the visual effects, open the System properties of your PC, go to Advanced tab, and click Performance. There you can turn off shadows, animated controls, animations in the taskbar, and other visual effects you don’t need.

Use Malware and Adware checkers. Some programs are installed on your PC, running all the time, and don’t do anything helpful for you. There may also be viruses and ad programs that slow your system down. To get rid of them, you should install the good anti-malware and anti-adware programs and run the scans at least once a week.

How to Boost the Speed of Your Windows 10

When you run Windows 10 on the powerful hardware, it will probably work very fast. However, you can increase its speed even more. It will save a lot of your time and help to do usual actions more quickly.

Change the Power Settings. There are a few different power plans in the system. If the Power saver plan is on, it reduces your PC performance to make it supply less energy and save your battery charge. However, it reduces the speed of your PC. If you have a good battery and the fast performance is more significant for you than the time of working from the battery, you can select the usual Power plan.

Disable Startup Programs. When you install different programs, many of them start with the system and slow down it. They are working all the time when you are using your PC. If you don’t need them or if you are going to launch them only when you want to use them, disable their autorun. To do it, open the Task manager and go to the Startup page, there you will be able to change the settings.

Turn of Search Indexing. This feature helps you to find your files very fast because of the special search index. However, while it is working, it may cause the slow performance of your system. If you don’t use the Search very often, you may turn Search indexing off.

Find Out Whether Your Facebook Profile Was Hacked

A few weeks ago, there was a breach in the Facebook system. Because of the hackers, millions of profiles were stolen and the wrong people got the information from these accounts. There is a high probability that your account was also in the list of these 30 million profiles.

To check if you need to worry about hackings and change your password, start by opening the Facebook Help center where you will find more information.
Move to the “Is my Facebook account impacted” section. There you will find a “Yes” or “No” answer that shows whether your account was one of the impacted or not. You will also receive a special notification in your news feed.

If you are on this list, it doesn’t mean that all your information including password was hacked. The hackers may have only your email or a phone number. They can also have access to the birthday and other information.  There was also a million users with stolen access tokens.

Even if you are not in this list, it is recommended to change your password and credit card details. Delete information from your profile that you don’t want to be shared. If possible, ask your bank to change the PIN code of your cards.

The Beta version of will be launched on Android

The Facebook company has recently launched its, the online gaming hub like Twitch. The purpose of this feature is to attract gamers to watching interesting videos on Facebook but not on other websites. It shows videos based on user preferences, pages they follow, videos and groups they like.

The system will show you videos you would like to see. It is developed specially for gamers so it should be convenient for them. Now, Facebook has announced that they will also release the Android version of platform.

Beta testers already have access to this app. According to the Play Market description, this program provides gamers with the gaming content, gives them the ability to speak with game creators and play different games like Words with Friends, Basketball, etc.

Users of this app are able to follow streamers, publish their own content, and find videos based on their interests. They can also participate in conversations with other viewers. When doing this, they can use standard Facebook emoji.

If you are also a gamer and want to try this app, you can easily download and install it from the Google Store. You can also use the online platform if it’s more convenient for you.

Facebook Bans Hundreds of Profiles Because of Inauthentic Behavior

The problem of bots, clickbait farms, and spam over the Facebook network is known for many years. For the last few months, the company spends a lot of money on struggling with these issues. With time, more and more accounts are banned if they are recognized as fakes.

A few days earlier, Facebook reported that more than 800 profiles were banned. They were recognized as the accounts that broke the Facebook rules against spam and their behavior was coordinated but authentic.

These bots were not used for political purposes like Russian or Iranian clickbait farms earlier. Most probably, they were used to clickbait different articles for the ad revenue purposes. These pages used networks that consisted of hundreds of fake accounts.

The interesting moment is that 810 is not a very big number of banned accounts as Facebook previously closed millions of inauthentic profiles. However, this time, the behavior of the network was unique so Facebook decided to point it out.

It seems that such an activity will increase inside the Facebook network because of the US midterm elections. If Facebook does it well, it will be harder to influence the results of elections by using fake account farms.

No Minecraft for Apple TV players

Most of the people know Minecraft even if they are not gamers. This game lets you build anything from small bricks and it is considered a phenomenon in the world of gaming. However, users of Apple TV will not be able to download it or update from the official market soon.

This game is very popular on different platforms but it is not much liked in the Apple TV network. There were too few users and the company decided to pull it out of the Apple TV Store. The game was released in the marker in 2016. From September 2018, users are not able to download it from that market.

Users who still have this game installed can keep playing it. However, there will be no updates for it or the ability of cross playing. The reason is the small number of players and a lack of development resources.

It seems to be a problem not only for Minecraft players but also for the Apple TV network. If other game developers will also pull their apps out of the Store, gamers will start using the other modern platforms with the bigger number of games.

There are still many interesting games on the Apple TV Store. If you are a user of this network, you can download and install anything you want if the price is suitable for you.

What’s New in Razer Phone 2

The second version of the Razer Phone device for gamers is officially announced. There are many small changes and upgrades over the first version of this device.

The company doesn’t present it as the smartphone only for gaming. Razer Phone 2 is shown as a powerful device for the everyday use that is also good for gamers.

It has the 5.7-inch display UltraMotion that is good for playing media files and playing different games and is built on a Snapdragon 845 chipset. When buying it, you get 8GM of RAM. You can also use 64 GB of storage for pictures and other types of information. These characteristics let users play any games, even those that need the extremely fast processor and big size of memory.

Speaking about photos, this device has dual real cameras. To keep it charged, there is a battery of 4000mAh. These characteristics make it a good competitor with other modern premium smartphones. The company also decided to add a glass real, support of wireless charging, and improve the rear cameras of the phone.

The other original element is the Chroma logo on the handset rear. Users can lit it up when they want by using the special app installed on their devices. This is a unique feature that many Razer Phone users may like.

The Cheap Razer Blade Gaming Laptop

Many customers like the Razer Blade series of laptops but they consider it too expensive. That is why this company decided to produce the cheaper version of their laptops for gamers. This device has a 15-inch screen and you can buy it right now.

If you look at it, this laptop looks almost identical to the standard version of Razor Blade. It has a little bit different dimensions because of other hardware that is not supported in the older version, now called “advanced”.

The unusual thing is the Ethernet port and dual storage drive. Owners of such devices can use them to work both with HDD or SSD drives that gives them big capacity and speed.

In the older thin versions of Razor Blade, there was the vapor chamber system implemented. In the cheaper version, there heat pipe-based cooling system working.

When buying this device, you get the Intel processor of the 7th generation, NVidia GeForce GTX graphics, the 1.920×1.080 display, and 16GB of RAM. The size of SSD drive is 128GB or bigger, the HHD drive – 2TB or bigger.

Most of the other features are the same as in previous versions of Razer Blade. If you are going to buy this device, you need to wait a little bit until its official release.

Now You Are Able to Change Your PSN Name

Earlier, PlayStation users were not able to change their names in the system. Many of them didn’t complain much about it, but some users insisted on their rights for it. Now, Sony is working on the user’s ability to change their names and trialing this feature.

As the company states, it will be the part of the special Preview Program of the PlayStation Brand. During this period, selected people will be able to change their PSN names whenever they want. However, it would not be so simple, as the second and next changes will cost them money.

If you need your friends to recognize you after changing the name, you can leave both of them displayed in your profile. If you don’t want to do this way, you just change it and leave only the new name.

By the information from Sony, not all games will support this feature. This will work with the games released after Spring 2018, and also the most popular games for this platform. It doesn’t include all the games and programs, and the list of the supported games will be published later.

Testing of this feature may take a long time so it will not be published this year. The company is going to release it in the official version in the first months of 2019.

Almost 1 billion of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies stolen this year

Many crypto-enthusiasts say that cryptocurrency wallets are the safest way to store their money and a secure type of investment. However, money from such wallets can be stolen and you would not be able to call the police or track people who stole it.

By the information from different reports, in 2018, almost 1 billion of cryptocurrency money was stolen. It is much more than in previous years and may be connected with the rise of their popularity.

Thefts steal from many sources, like private wallets, wallets stored in online databases, trading platforms, and exchanges. Almost all stolen money was transferred to the countries with no anti-laundering laws so it was easier to make it clear.

The results of this research show that all the countries need to regulate the usage of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. It also shows that a lot of wallets in different systems are not well protected so users should come to additional security measures. With the increasing popularity of cryptocurrencies, the amount of stolen money may also rise any anyone who has a wallet should understand it an use additional ways to improve security.