The second version of the Razer Phone device for gamers is officially announced. There are many small changes and upgrades over the first version of this device.

The company doesn’t present it as the smartphone only for gaming. Razer Phone 2 is shown as a powerful device for the everyday use that is also good for gamers.

It has the 5.7-inch display UltraMotion that is good for playing media files and playing different games and is built on a Snapdragon 845 chipset. When buying it, you get 8GM of RAM. You can also use 64 GB of storage for pictures and other types of information. These characteristics let users play any games, even those that need the extremely fast processor and big size of memory.

Speaking about photos, this device has dual real cameras. To keep it charged, there is a battery of 4000mAh. These characteristics make it a good competitor with other modern premium smartphones. The company also decided to add a glass real, support of wireless charging, and improve the rear cameras of the phone.

The other original element is the Chroma logo on the handset rear. Users can lit it up when they want by using the special app installed on their devices. This is a unique feature that many Razer Phone users may like.