Many customers like the Razer Blade series of laptops but they consider it too expensive. That is why this company decided to produce the cheaper version of their laptops for gamers. This device has a 15-inch screen and you can buy it right now.

If you look at it, this laptop looks almost identical to the standard version of Razor Blade. It has a little bit different dimensions because of other hardware that is not supported in the older version, now called “advanced”.

The unusual thing is the Ethernet port and dual storage drive. Owners of such devices can use them to work both with HDD or SSD drives that gives them big capacity and speed.

In the older thin versions of Razor Blade, there was the vapor chamber system implemented. In the cheaper version, there heat pipe-based cooling system working.

When buying this device, you get the Intel processor of the 7th generation, NVidia GeForce GTX graphics, the 1.920×1.080 display, and 16GB of RAM. The size of SSD drive is 128GB or bigger, the HHD drive – 2TB or bigger.

Most of the other features are the same as in previous versions of Razer Blade. If you are going to buy this device, you need to wait a little bit until its official release.