Earlier, PlayStation users were not able to change their names in the system. Many of them didn’t complain much about it, but some users insisted on their rights for it. Now, Sony is working on the user’s ability to change their names and trialing this feature.

As the company states, it will be the part of the special Preview Program of the PlayStation Brand. During this period, selected people will be able to change their PSN names whenever they want. However, it would not be so simple, as the second and next changes will cost them money.

If you need your friends to recognize you after changing the name, you can leave both of them displayed in your profile. If you don’t want to do this way, you just change it and leave only the new name.

By the information from Sony, not all games will support this feature. This will work with the games released after Spring 2018, and also the most popular games for this platform. It doesn’t include all the games and programs, and the list of the supported games will be published later.

Testing of this feature may take a long time so it will not be published this year. The company is going to release it in the official version in the first months of 2019.