Most of the people know Minecraft even if they are not gamers. This game lets you build anything from small bricks and it is considered a phenomenon in the world of gaming. However, users of Apple TV will not be able to download it or update from the official market soon.

This game is very popular on different platforms but it is not much liked in the Apple TV network. There were too few users and the company decided to pull it out of the Apple TV Store. The game was released in the marker in 2016. From September 2018, users are not able to download it from that market.

Users who still have this game installed can keep playing it. However, there will be no updates for it or the ability of cross playing. The reason is the small number of players and a lack of development resources.

It seems to be a problem not only for Minecraft players but also for the Apple TV network. If other game developers will also pull their apps out of the Store, gamers will start using the other modern platforms with the bigger number of games.

There are still many interesting games on the Apple TV Store. If you are a user of this network, you can download and install anything you want if the price is suitable for you.