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Paper crypto wallets

As mentioned earlier, cryptocurrency wallets are a set of digital keys linked together. Everything else is just a convenient user interface. The easiest way to create a crypto wallet is to generate a public and private key, and then write them on paper. To do this, just visit one of the special services, which will generate a couple of keys, prepare them for printing, and then delete the data about them. For convenience, the services also offer registration of addresses in QR codes. Read more

Gambling sector: never-ending tech triumph

There’s no doubt today’s online gambling joints left behind their offline ancestors long ago in many regards. It’s because they’re champions in adopting cutting-edge technologies that really make a big difference when it comes to gambling. Let’s view what happened to the gambling industry as soon as it nearly all moved to the Internet.  Read more

Fire OS tablets for 2019: Best gadgets

Still hesitate, whether you should try Amazon’s tablets? What are the best tablets, provided by Fire OS for 2019? Find a list of extremely affordable tablets below. Read more