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Top 5 Technologies That Will Change Online Gambling as It Is

The latest innovations make us wonder what else we are capable of. The virtual and augmented reality, blockchain, face, gesture ID, etc. change the world as we see it every day. Read more

AirPower From Apple is said to overheat dramatically

AirPower – a wireless charging pad was announced more than a year ago, at the very same time when the iPhone X was advertised. It was supposed to become the first wireless charger produced by the company, and it was meant to be able to charge all the Apple devices at the same time. However, as a result, shows the Apple company bit more than they could chew. Read more

The best movie streaming sites: 5 Putlocker alternatives

Everyone who likes watching movies is familiar with Putlocker and understands what this website is all about. It’s one of the best sites where visitors can watch movies and other videos totally for free. The main problem is that it stops working occasionally so that it’s necessary to look for its effective solution. Here, you’ll find basic information about top 5 Putlocker alternatives for watching movies online. Read more

Most important things you should know before applying for the online loan

Although applying for an online loan is usually a quick and easy process, you will surely need to know some basic things to boost your chances of getting extra money for reasonable prices. Furthermore, it is recommended to learn more about the basic documents you will need to provide to the lender. Read more

Things to know about acoustic guitars and how to choose one

First of all, you need to look at the neck. Probably, not everyone will go to the store with a ruler, but you can just take a guitar and see the edge of the neck on both sides, it should be a straight line, without convolutions and waves. The quality of the sound depends on the quality of the neck; a good neck makes all the notes sound fully, without ringing and other extraneous sounds. Read more

What to do if your Google Drive doesn’t connect

The Google Drive cloud storage is widely used in the modern world. People keep their information, share files, and make backups. However, sometimes this system doesn’t want to open or connect to your cloud storage.

If you have such a problem, check your connection. If you also have problems with other websites, it means that you have connectivity problems and need to solve them to open any websites. If you don’t know how to solve them, call your ISP.

If the problem is only with the desktop client, try to terminate the Googledrivesync.exe process and open it again. To do it, use the Task Manager app. If it wouldn’t help, you should try other ways to solve this issues with Google Driver.

Try refreshing the Google Drive Syncing feature, by opening it from the tray and restarting. If that doesn’t help, clear your browser cash. To do it, open its settings and look for the features for clearing cash and other temporary files.

If that still doesn’t help, try turning off the Windows Firewall or changing its settings. It may be that the firewall is configured to block the connections to the Google Drive system. You can manage these settings in the Windows Settings.

How to Improve your Windows 10 Performance

The Windows 10 is already optimized for the high performance and fast speed of actions. However, it is recommended to optimize it more to get the best from your operating system. There are several things that you should do in order to improve the performance. Read more

How to Boost the Speed of Your Windows 10

When you run Windows 10 on the powerful hardware, it will probably work very fast. However, you can increase its speed even more. It will save a lot of your time and help to do usual actions more quickly. Read more

Find Out Whether Your Facebook Profile Was Hacked

A few weeks ago, there was a breach in the Facebook system. Because of the hackers, millions of profiles were stolen and the wrong people got the information from these accounts. There is a high probability that your account was also in the list of these 30 million profiles. Read more

Facebook Bans Hundreds of Profiles Because of Inauthentic Behavior

The problem of bots, clickbait farms, and spam over the Facebook network is known for many years. For the last few months, the company spends a lot of money on struggling with these issues. With time, more and more accounts are banned if they are recognized as fakes. Read more