Many crypto-enthusiasts say that cryptocurrency wallets are the safest way to store their money and a secure type of investment. However, money from such wallets can be stolen and you would not be able to call the police or track people who stole it.

By the information from different reports, in 2018, almost 1 billion of cryptocurrency money was stolen. It is much more than in previous years and may be connected with the rise of their popularity.

Thefts steal from many sources, like private wallets, wallets stored in online databases, trading platforms, and exchanges. Almost all stolen money was transferred to the countries with no anti-laundering laws so it was easier to make it clear.

The results of this research show that all the countries need to regulate the usage of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. It also shows that a lot of wallets in different systems are not well protected so users should come to additional security measures. With the increasing popularity of cryptocurrencies, the amount of stolen money may also rise any anyone who has a wallet should understand it an use additional ways to improve security.